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At Global Roots Technology Pvt. Ltd. we believe in excellence and high standards of learning. Team, we have at Globalroots Technology, have been in professional world for last up to 15 years. We come from a background of hardcore Software Developers and Software Testers. Knowledge we impart as part of our training programs is gathered over a period of time after a lot of devotion and hard work.

Current Market Trends

Software Industry is constantly upgrading itself. When we say Industry, it is not just the technology but it includes the Software Engineering processes and methods which are used to develop these technologies. There are several advance and process rich SDLC models available today. With the advancements in internet technologies, more and more development is moving towards Web based architecture. For every requirement there is software available today and there are chances of getting few of them FREE as well. You just need to know which software will fulfill your requirement, how to integrate multiple tools to generate a complete Software suite to meet Business requirements and how to customize them as per Business needs. Similarly Testing has gained its position in Industry. Software Test Techniques and processes are mature now. Business understands the need of QA, also understands the risks and impacts of releasing Software without Testing. Like Development, Testing is as good a Carrier option. A good Tester is one of the most respectful and resourceful person in a project.