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Certifications at Global Roots Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Software Certifications

All of our courses are designed after a lot of strategic research and planning. We are blessed to get support from some of the best minds in the industry and have come up with three certification programs. All of our courses are aligned with current market needs and Industry standards. Courses have been designed with practical approach. All these courses provided extensive exposure to Live projects.

Project management | Agile scrum Master
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Oracle apex
  • Plsql
  • Php
Certified PHP & MySQL Developer
This course covers provides an individual end to end of Web Development. It covers HTML and designing concepts. A person will get to know and use PHP and MySQL for Web Development. It gives thorough understanding of working with Sessions, cookies and File Systems.
Certified CMS Developer
Technology grows with the market needs and for every need there is Software available which is easily available and free. Challenge is to identify one such tool and develop it as per your needs. This course will provide you working experience of several different in demand CMS like Joomla, Zend/ Cake PHP and Droopal. Our instructors will help you understand the tool and guide you on several modules available and customization of these tools.
Certified Software Tester
In the beginning of Software Industry, Software Testing was the least focused field. People had different opinions on Software Testing. With the growth in industry, thought of business also matured. Testing processes and techniques evolved over time. Now people understand the need of Testing in a Software project. A good tester is one of the most respected members of the Software Development Team. This course is designed to help you understand Testing Concepts and thorough knowledge of their usage by working on actual Client requirements and Case Studies.