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Anyone can be a Tester but to become a great Tester a tester must know the 5W’s and 1H of the task or ideas he has in hand. These 5W’s and 1H are What, Why, When, Where, Who and How. Only a great Tester can reason for these questions for anything he see or do. We all have a little tester inside us. Objective of the below course is to make you a better Tester than you are now. Course aims at making all participants to fully understand the concepts. Everyone should be able to apply their knowledge on real time projects.

After completion of Course, all participants:
♦ Should have ability to reason behind any of the Testing concepts
♦ Should have clear understanding of STLC as a whole and their role in STLC and then SDLC
♦ Should have worked independently on a real time project
♦ Should be able to successfully understand Requirements
♦ Should be able to identify risks
♦ Should be able to create Test Plan and Test Cases using appropriate Test Design Techniques
♦ Should be able to communicate with Stakeholders with Test Reports

Software Testing Part 1


Software Testing perceptions
Software Testing in Global IT Industry
Software Testing as a Career
Software Testing Fundamentals
Testing and Quality
Software Testing Principles
Test Process
Software Development Life Cycle Models
Software Testing Life Cycle
Place of STLC in SDLC
Testing at various levels during SDLC
Types of Testing
Static Testing
Static Testing Techniques
Dynamic Testing - Functional and Non-Functional Testing
Black Box Test Design Techniques
White Box Test Design Techniques
Test Planning
Test Estimation
Test progress monitoring and control
Configuration Management
Risk management and Prioritization of Testing
Classification of Tools for Testing
Benefits and Risks of using Tools

Test Management Tool

Introduction to Test Management Tools
Creating Test Cases
Test Case Management

a. Upload a Test Case
b. Test Case Execution
c. Test Report Management

Defect Logging and Management
Role and responsibility of QA in Test Management
Generating Test Matrices and Reports

Configuration Management

What is Configuration Management
Open Source vs Paid Tools
Responsibility of QA
Usage of Configuration Management

Software Testing Part 2


Introduction to Database Database environment requirements SQL Commands to:

a. Create DB
b. Create Table
c. Data Types
d. Fetch Data from Tables
e. Insert Data in a Table
f. Update records
g. Delete Records

Drop tables and Databases

Software Testing Part 3


Introduction to Test Automation Tools
Benefits of using Test Automation
Risk and Automation
Record and execute a Test Script
Object Identification

a. Image
b. Text
c. Object

Object Repository
Tree View and Code View of Automation
Parameterization of Test Script
Introduction to checkpoints
Checkpoints, how to:

a. Verify images
b. Compare Text
c. Verify Objects
d. Database record
e. Verify Window panel

Exception Handling
Test Report generation

Software Testing Part 4

Working on actual Client projects in real time
Visits from senior professionals from Industry to share their experience
Personality Development sessions